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The opportunity that the Celebration of Protected and Conserved Areas LAC offers us to integrate is HUGE!

This integration includes the exchange and rapprochement of knowledge.

The #NaturalezaParaTodos movement recommends:

"Sharing cultural roots and origins in nature: providing opportunities to explore and share stories, languages and traditional knowledge with local communities and the general public. We must together foster a world in which contact with nature and with each other is valued".

Do we know the native or indigenous peoples of our territory? What do they do? How do they live in their areas for the well-being?

But also...

What do the indigenous or native Peoples have to tell us and to transmit to all the celebrators of the Areas for Well-being?

We can summon them and facilitate the registration of celebrations, VISIBILIZING the VALUABLE actions that they carry out on a daily basis or VALUING those events or knowledge that they WANT to share.

We also have the TRADITIONAL, Creole COMMUNITIES, which have strong roots in the territory. Knowledge that passed from generation to generation, beliefs that are mixed and enrich our diversity: ways of cultivating the land, ceremonies or rites, sustainable use of biodiversity and more!

According to IUCN "The inhabitants of these areas know the best times to hunt and fish; the best techniques to do so; what to do with the arrival of rain and the dry season; the best places to grow crops; when is the mating season for an animal; how to use plants and herbs; how to preserve meat, etc.". These communities, which coexist with nature, ask permission from the father creator and take what they need, this harmony and adaptation has allowed, for years, that resources are not depleted".

In this sense it is important to "Empower a new generation of leaders: mentoring programs, internships, youth leadership and advocacy training provide young leaders with the tools to

provide young leaders with the skills and confidence needed to advance the field of conservation.

We must work together in intergenerational partnerships to inspire the people around us to connect with nature."

All these indigenous or Creole youth can be valued and tell us what they know, how they feel about their place, what they learned from their elders, how they enjoy themselves, and what they would improve for their well-being. Also, what would they improve for the common good?


When we consume, do we value the traditional knowledge behind a product?

Our ALLIAD@S of AMPA Peru promote "CON SABOR A CONSERVATION" with the following message: "By buying products from conservation initiatives you ensure the sustainability of the forests and contribute to a better quality of life for producer families who bet on a different future".

REGISTER your CELEBRATION in this CATEGORY send your material before September 30 and join this powerful gathering of pride for Latin America and the Caribbean on October 15, 15 and 17, 2021.


Send your testimony, a tour of your place, your favorite space, your struggle, your affections in nature, what you feel about the work you are passionate about, and more!

FORMAT: Format: up to 2MG / 1.30 min long in mp4 / horizontal position / must respect the Brand Manual.

Aquí unos artículos interesantes/ FUENTES:

- Saberes ancestrales para la conservación del patrimonio geológico.

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