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The agile training modules of the Celebration of Protected and Conserved Areas and their people in Latin America and the Caribbean, seek to generate a common scaffolding to assess and support the management of Well-being Areas.

Explore each option, specially designed to Celebrate Areas for Wellness.

Each MODULE contains:

  • An audiovisual that you can access on YouTube.

  • A text support, with more details, supplementary material and bibliography.

  • Diverse and simple evaluation option.

  • All in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Why conserve Protected and Conserved Areas?

The module on "Introduction: LAC Protected and Conserved Areas Approach" brings into play fundamental concepts and approaches for the well-being of our region and the world. It is the foundation that will allow us to have a "common language" and strongly value these powerful conservation tools within the framework of our initiative.

🌱Together with Stephanie Arellano from the IUCN Regional Office in South America, explore what is a protected area? What are the management categories and their instruments? What is the importance of conserved spaces?​

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