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History, objectives, proposals of the Celebration of Protected and Conserved Areas of Latin America and the Caribbean

Between October 14 and 17, 2019, the III Congress of Protected Areas of Latin America and the Caribbean (CAPLAC) was held, an instance that made it possible to relieve the actors linked to the management of protected areas. ​Prior to the Congress, the Organizing Committee received the proposal of the young Juan Carlos "Teo" Pacheco in which he proposed to declare -during the closing of the event- the Day of Protected Areas in Latin America and the Caribbean. This is complemented by the management proposal of a celebration (simultaneous and adaptive) in order to recognize the valuable regional work and assess from a regional perspective together with the whole of society, the importance of protected areas for the well-being of people and the sustainable development in the region. 

In this way, an instance was generated to pull agreements, theoretical frameworks and other values ​​of the Congress, integrating its fundamental actors.

This initial idea was supported from the beginning by Ana Julia Gómez from Argentina from CEC and CMAP IUCN, thus initiating a powerful co-management.

The initiative of the Declaration received the solid support of IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) through the offices of South America and Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean and its WCPA commissions (World Commission on Protected Areas). and CEC (Education and Communication Commission), SERNANP Peru (National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State), RedParques (Latin American Network for Technical Cooperation in National Parks, other Protected Areas, Wild Flora and Fauna), FAO (Organization of Nations for Food and Agriculture), RELLAC-Joven (Young Leaders Network in Protected and Conserved Areas of Latin America and the Caribbean) and others.

​“La Celebración” has adjusted its programmatic framework in line with the endorsements and theoretical framework of IIICAPLAC. In 2023, it has an intergenerational team, with regional representation, that manages key information, trains and adds new wills, supports local leaders, makes efforts and projects visible, inspiring and summoning more than 11,300 people from 17 countries, who get involved in the conservation of 300 protected and conserved areas in our region.

➡"Why celebrate Protected and Conserved Areas?🦀🐾 ''People of any age who participate in nature-based activities tend to be happier and healthier than those who don't''

Source: Connect #NatureForAll''.

Source: Connect #NatureForAll

"WITHOUT PROTECTED AND CONSERVED AREAS, THERE IS NO FUTURE". 🌎👫 The region has the largest extension of protected areas in the world (24% terrestrial, 19% marine), key to protecting nature and humanity; however, its variety of ecosystems is still underrepresented.

                                Source: LAC Protected Planet Report (2021).

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