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REINITIATE ourselves through SPORTS and TOURISM

As revitalizing experiences to transit the harmonious return to NATURE.

Adding our CELEBRATIONS in the category of SPORTS and TOURISM positions us in front of the great challenge of celebrating our re-encounter with Nature in a context of new modalities resulting from post-pandemic times.

As happened in the recent Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, each sporting activity, beyond the technical challenge, leads us to overcome new limits and goals. If we add to this that sport as a recreational activity in natural environments transforms us notoriously, it is a great recipe to implement with assured benefits.

For its part, TOURISM in Protected Areas is also a powerful tool for the economic recovery of the regions dedicated to this activity, a source of sustainable resources for thousands of local businesses that generate employment in each of the destinations near the preserved natural areas.

Both activities have historical links that unite them for many years: from hiking, which is complemented by flora and fauna watching, to the nautical activities that are gaining more and more followers every season among those who, in principle, only hired an excursion to live the experience of sailing or diving for the first time.

These links between SPORTS and TOURISM feed back the desires of hikers and visitors and thus awaken the desire to return to natural areas, and discover new ways of relating to each environment, with harmony and respect for other forms of life.


- Well-conserved protected areas contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the population and strengthen the close relationship between humans and nature.

- Healthy societies in close harmony with nature generate happy citizens willing to work for common causes that benefit all.

- The inclusion of contact with nature as a preventive medicine strategy is one of the most innovative and effective tools to combat diseases derived from living in urban environments.

- Healthy societies, aware of the value of protected areas, will ensure their maintenance and conservation.

REGISTER your CELEBRATION in the CATEGORY "SPORTS AND TOURISM", send your material before September 30 and join this powerful meeting of pride for Latin America and the Caribbean on October 15, 15 and 17, 2021.


Send your production or record of the activity in various formats (a trip on the trails or along the rivers, down or up the water; a visit to scenic spots or emblematic sites; a capture in wildlife watching mode and more!)

Explore the form at

FORMAT: Format: up to 2MG / 1.30 min duration in mp4 / horizontal position / must respect the Brand Manual.

Autor: Marcelo Cora

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