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New objectives and calls to CELEBRATE the Wellness Areas

We started this 2023, strengthening the management team, offering job opportunities, adapting our strategic objectives and adjusting the products or meetings that people and their communities, governments expect , companies and celebrating organizations.

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In 2022 we managed to celebrate 300 protected and conserved areas (APyC), involve 17 countries, mobilize +10,300 people, in an annual process that included agile training on concepts fundamental to value the areas for well-being and contribute to their management, visibility in social networks of actions and their people, a hybrid event in Iguazú Argentina on October 17, which allowed us to discuss management effectiveness and the Green List, Zoonoses and Una Salud, Sustainable Tourism, Access Rights and Gender, Global Framework and Regional Challenges, Amazon Youth Initiatives, Awards Ceremony and more!

In our fourth edition, WE GET STRENGTHEN AND FOCUS.

We update our initial OBJECTIVES, set out together with the Monitoring Committee of the III Congress of Protected and Preserved Areas LAC.

We prioritize ALLIANCES, we adjust our AMBASSADORXS profile, we refine our unique INFORMATION MANAGEMENT on the region's APyCs, we consolidate the MANAGEMENT TEAM and we are offering job opportunities to adapt the profiles to the expected results.

We were also recognized among the 500 BEST at Premios Verdes Latin America. LET'S CELEBRATE IN 2023!

OBJECTIVES AND PROPOSALS Better objectives and spaces to Celebrate the Areas for Well-being

We update the strategic objectives in relation to our milestones and lessons learned, based on those consolidated in the Monitoring Committee of the III CAPLAC.

We polish our products and integration spaces on a country and regional scale.


Support from the IUCN secretariat

Voluntary job call

Communication Manager

Creation and development of campaigns, in adaptation to strategic content.

Proactive interaction and linkage and comprehensive communication BASED on the actors of the initiative, through the established channels.

Translations Manager

Translation of documents from SPANISH to ENGLISH and/or SPANISH-PORTUGUESE

Deadline: 5/23/23

Send your CV to



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